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Celebrity Artist Rajeev Maikle

Rajeev Maikle is a well known TV celebrity; coming from a humble background, the sincere & hard working actor has been consistent in getting effective roles in various TV serials. It is his honest output that he has performed so many roles and done justice to all of them. Some of his contributions to the Entertainment industry are listed below, and the list is a big one !!

In "Comedy Classes" he has acted alongwith the popular comedy actor Bharti. Rajeev had played a character in the popular serial ‘Janbaaz Sindbad’. He was also part of ‘Akbar Birbal’ historic serial. Then in ‘Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanumaan’, he was in the role of Rajpurohit, in ‘Nagarjun’ he was the naag senik.

In the mega project ‘Chandrakanta’ Rajeev made his mark as mantri character. In ‘Chandranandini’ he was nand man. Rajeev Maikle has been a theatre artist also, and this adds to the confidence and ease with which he adapts so well into such a wide variety of characters. In the theatre play ‘Ballabhpur ki Roopkatha’ Rajeev's work is remembered as Pawan’s character. In a film ‘Selfie Ghost’ Rajeev played the lead, and this film got officially selected for the Italy Film Festival.

Write to us at ‘Crime Patrol’, the famous series features Rajeev as police Sub Inspector, and in ‘Kaal Bhairava’ series Rajeev Maikle is in the role of a Manager. ‘Shakti Peeth k Bhairav' , then ‘Paramavtar' there hardly seems any serial without Rajeev's significant presence; name one TV series and he is there.... Rajeev Maikle!! In 'Shri Krishna’ he is playing Bajrangi.

Rajeev has also begun his journey into Films with a Gujarati movie. He also hosted the Documentry film 'Chambal Yatra' and he played the lead in a short film "LAST STEP".

Rajeev Maikle acted in the serial ‘Partner’ on Sab TV, then in 'Gupta ji Kirana Store'. He continues with his praiseworthy work in 'Kaleerein', then in ‘Meri Hanikarak Biwi’ and also in 'Crime Alert' serials on various TV channels. He continues his interesting journey of success with 'Phir Laut Aayi Naagin for Dangal channel, in 'Mere Sai'. He is playing different characters in 'Laal Ishq' serial.

Rajeev won the title of ‘Mr. Famous’ in 2019 at Apsara Event’ organised at the Andheri Country Club and has done modelling also for TVC ad & earn Swayam app. He has contributed to the society with his awareness short videos also. His latest works include 'Shavdhan India & FIR New Season and the famous 'Jijaji Chhat par Hain' TV serials.

Rajeev Maikle is now awaiting the release of his romantic music video 'MERE SANG', to be released by T Series soon! 'Adhurey Anchal' and many other short films featuring Rajeev are going to be released. We are all waiting for it and wishing all the best to Rajeev Maikle, the very talented, hard working, sincere actor and above all, he is the gem of a person. EsquireVJ Showcase was honoured to have him in the Esteemed Jury Panel of the Mrs. Gujarat T20 Online Beauty Pageant.

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